Broken Link Checker

to quickly identify all broken links

Check each and every link on your site using broken link checker to ensure all the links are up to date. With an intuitive interface and powerful features, it's easier to find broken links before your customers do.

Broken Link Checker

Identify 404 Errors Using Broken Link Checker

Examine your website and enhance internal or external link-building activities

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identify broken links

Identify Broken links

Find broken links in your website and fix them perfectly through broken link checker. Enhance customer experience by making your website free from these broken links.

eliminate dead internal links

Eliminate Dead Internal Links

Scan for the broken links to optimize your website as per the SEO standards. Helps to maintain your website free from errors and increase your online visibilty.

export data

Export Data

Export the data in the CSV file format and optimize your website accordingly. The tool generates a list by categorizing the lists from high to low priority.

What is Broken Link Checker?

A broken link checker is used to find broken link or a dead link that can occur for a variety of reasons, but the most common is when a page is either removed or relocated to a new site, resulting in a 404 error, page not found response from the server. Broken links on WordPress sites generally arise when a site is moved to a new domain name or when a post or page is deleted without proper redirection.

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