SEO Audit

to increase site performance through audit

Analyze the SEO audit report and address the issues to improve your website. Select a page on your website to get a list of criteria that can be improved, such as H1 tags, Page description ideas, and other factors.

SEO Audit

Get In-depth Website Audit in Minutes

Conduct consolidated website audit to improve performance

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view site architecture

View Site Architecture

Define the hierarchy for your pages. Crawl the pages and links using our SEO Audit software. Understand the way search engines crawl your website at a faster rate.

identify duplication

Identify Duplication

Find the redundant pages and content and optimize them to avoid negative influence on the website, thereby increase rankings.

audit comparison

Audit Comparison

Discover the behavior of your website and compare the audit structure with the previous to find out all the SEO flaws in the website.

test and status code

Test and Status Code

Determine whether or not all URLs have been indexed by the indexer using the URL Status and Status Code.

What is SEO?

SEO is a process used to optimize the technical configuration, content relevance, links, and popularity of a website so that its pages become easier to find, more relevant, and popular with users by "searches" and therefore search engines rank them higher.These include the use of relevant keywords in titles, meta-descriptions, headings, and H1 features, descriptive URLs, keyword string numbers, schema markup indicating the content and meaning of pages, and other best practices.

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