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Monitor and analyze the quality of links pointing to a website and identify which websites are linking back to them, and the quality of those links. It also helps measure the popularity of a website by counting the number of backlinks it has.

Check Backlink

Improve Page Linking With Check Backlink

Provides detailed information on the number of backlinks, anchor text, and the domains linking to a website to identify bad links and take necessary action to rectify them. It is an important tool to build and manage a successful link-building strategy.

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backlinks comparison

Backlinks Comparison

Learn more about the popularity of a site's links, count the number of links it has and obtain specific statistics on the referring domains.

select domain

Select Domain

Enter the URL you want to investigate to learn more about the domain's relevance and ranking factors.

check the status of a link

Check the Status of a Link

Determine whether a given URL is active (live) or inactive (dead). With the help of this information, website administrators can improve the SEO of their websites by fixing or removing dead links.

What is Backlink Checker?

Backlink Checker was created to provide you with access to the backlink profile of any website on the internet. Investigate who is linking to you and your best-performing content. Discover your competitors' most valuable backlinks and examine their backlink profile for patterns and potential link opportunities.

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