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best seo software

On Page Grader

Identify major issues of any web page that are affecting your SEO-friendliness of your website. Fix those in just a few clicks and make the page more optimized.

on page grader
page audit

Page audit

Enter primary keyword and check the page optimization for that keyword in seconds.

severity check

Severity check

Get the grade to your webpage from A to C, and fix errors to improve it.

learning and fixing errors

Learning and fixing errors

Not just fix the issue but learn and understand it well to get the permanent fix.

chrome extension

Chrome Extension

Measure SEO performance of any web page you're browsing and get information on inbound and outbound links.

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Website Audit

Get to the bottom of each and every aspect of your website and analyze all issues at once. Make changes to your website to fix errors and improve overall performance.

website audit
view site architecture & crawl maps

View site architecture & crawl maps

Generate crawl maps for your website and identify loopholes by seeing a bigger picture with site architecture.

find duplicate content

Find duplicate content

Find duplicate pages and low-content pages on your website in seconds.

audit comparison

Audit comparison

Compare any two audits with historical data comprising various important aspects such as broken links, pagespeed, AMP compatibility, and more.

prioritized hints

Prioritized hints

Get a list of all major issues exclusively prioritized for you to check and fix to improve site performance

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Get your intelligent bot in action to analyze page keywords and identify similar links to improve page score. Find email addresses of key people in the company to expedite link building process with greater results.

seo bot
find links

Find links

Let the bot analyze all your keywords and find relevant links to improve backlinking and overall off-page SEO performance.

find emails

Find emails

Discover key people and connect with them faster for exceptional link building opportunities.

analyze keywords

Analyze keywords

Keep track of all keywords and analyze them to carry out important off-page SEO functions and improve performance.

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SEO Ranking

Increase traffic manifold by following best practices that improve overall performance of your website and improve exposure.

seo ranking
keyword tracker

Keyword tracker

Track and analyze all taget keywords and ensure better keyword density by thorough checkin and page scores.

page rank

Page rank

Improve page rankings by intelligently identigying core issues and getting a detailed guidance to fix them.

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Link Building and Backlink Analysis

Analyze keywords and identify relevant backlinks for your website to improve backlinking and get more visibility on search engines.

link building and backlink analysis
find links

Find links

Find appropriate backlinks and create content accordingly to enhance website visiblity.

find key people

Find key people

Build long-term partnerships with key people by finding their email addresses and connecting with them.

increase performance

Increase performance

Improve overall performance of your website by analyzing links and identifying new ones.

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