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Best Website Crawler Software

Check SEO performance of your web pages and measure website health with website grader software.

Robust SEO Checker and Website Grader

Generate 33-issue checklist to improve page score and perform in-depth website crawl.

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Supercharge SEO like never before

  • Learn more about the errors that you're facing and solution to fix them.

  • Improve page score of your webpages by making them SEO-friendly.

  • Identify website issues and get them listed all at once.

  • Increase overall health of your website by identifying anf fixing technical errors in seconds.

best website crawler software

On Page SEO Checker

Analyze the SEO showstoppers on your website and fix them with the speed of thought.

on page seo checker
page audit with keyword

Page Audit with Keyword

Analyze a web page on the basis of primary keyword and check errors to improve the overall visibility in SERPs.

severity check

Severity Check

Get the grade to your webpage from A to C, and fix errors to improve it.

learning & fixing errors

Learning & Fixing Errors

Learn the importance of fixing the error and a way to fix it so that you can do that in seconds and make your page live with the strong health.

Website Audit

Crawl your entire websites in seconds to generate reports of all major and minor issues.

website audit
find broken links

Find broken links

Identify all broken links on your website that hampers the performance severely. Increase website health and get ranked higher.

analyze metadata

Analyze Metadata

Check meta titles and descriptions of all pages at once to make sure search engines are properly identifying the page theme. Get your page served to the relevant audience.

view site architecture

View Site Architecture

View your entire site in a crawl map to visualize internal linkings and URL structures. Identify errors there and fix it to enhance the map and website structure.

generate xml sitemaps

Generate XML Sitemaps

Generate XML sitemaps and image XML sitemaps at the speed of thought with last modified, change frequency, URL, and much more.

find duplicates

Find Duplicates

Quickly find duplicate or nearly duplicate pages. Identify pages with lower HTML to text ratio and low content.

identify redirects

Identify Redirects

Learn the number of redirects on your website. Manage chains and loops and temporary or permanent redirections.

audit robots tags

Audit Robots Tags

Identify Robots.txt, noindex, nofollow and other such tags in minutes. Manage them to increase visibility and health of the website.

crawl javascripts

Crawl JavaScripts

Crawl dynamic JS websites using Chromium WRS and get your web pages rendered properly.

amp check

AMP Check

Analyze mobile optimization and accelerated mobile pages (AMP) optimization status to so that your pages loads faster on mobile devices.

analyze pagespeed

Analyze PageSpeed

Check how quickly your pages are being loaded in front of the visitors. Improve that by fixing errors and offer high-quality user experience.

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