Web Crawler

to crawl websites & index

Optimize your site's efficiency by crawling it and checking for errors. This allows you to extract essential site data in order to improve the website health of your onsite SEO.

Web Crawler

Cloud-Hosted Website Crawler

Access cloud-based web crawlers from any device and location

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generate xml sitemaps

Generate XML Sitemaps

Create XML sitemaps and Image XML sitemaps, which contain information about the last modified URLs, priority, and change frequency. Google uses this information to better index websites.

visualize crawl architecture

Visualize Crawl Architecture

Diagnose the internal link quality based on schema and tree graph graphics for user experience and SEO to discover the most important pages of a website.

find broken links

Find Broken Links

Identify the broken links and other web issues of the server. Export the error codes and the resource URLs into a spreadsheet, or send them to a developer.

analyze page titles & meta data

Analyze Page Titles & Meta Data

Crawl URLs containing page titles and analyze page titles and meta descriptions for their content. Easily check out page titles that are too long, too short, missing, or duplicated in a company's site.

What is a Website Crawler?

A web crawler, often known as a spider or a search engine bot, is a program that downloads and indexes content from all over the internet. The goal of a bot like this is to learn about (almost) every webpage on the internet so that information may be found when needed. Crawling is the technical term for automatically accessing a website and retrieving data using a software program, which is why they're referred to as web crawlers.

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