Website Grader

to analyze web page issues

Diagnose and fix web pages issues to improve search engine rankings and On-Page SEO by following a list of recommended check-lists.

Website Grader

Assess Your Website Using Grader

Estimate and optimize your page using 39-point checklist with website grader

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website audit

Website Audit

Grade a webpage against significant metrics for a specified keyword and receive a comprehensive analysis on the data that is increasing and impeding on-page SEO.



Determine the key parameters that can be optimized include the title tag, meta description, header tags, image alt text, and internal links. Make sure that the content is relevant.

suggest keywords

Suggest Keywords

Analyze the level of competition for a specified keyword and identify new related keywords with search volume, which will help you optimize your content accordingly.

What is a Website Grader?

Website Grader is a tool that helps you understand how well your page is optimized for your target keyword. The tool grades different aspects of your page, such as title, meta description, header tags, and images, and provides feedback on how you can improve your optimization.

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