Link Tracker

to track the live status of back links

Examine each back link’s status to determine its current state whether it is active or dead. Verify all of the Do-follow backlinks to raise domain authority, traffic, and seo.

Link Tracker

Track Your Backlink Profile

Monitor your backlinks status to increase the credibility of the site

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check link status

Check Link Status

Get informed about a given URL is active (live) or inactive (dead). This information is ideal for website admins to enhance their web site's SEO by fixing or deleting dead links.

discover follow links

Discover Follow Links

Inspect whether you have Do-follow URLs or No-follow URLs. As Do-Follow URLs transfer link juice (ranking power) to the website they link to, and no-follow URLs do not do so.

update notes

Update Notes

Make notes of any updates or modifications in the backlinks for future reference. Regular monitoring can help identify any new links that have been added to a site, which helps to identify potential sources of website traffic.

What is a Link Tracker?

Link Tracker is used to ensure that all the website's links are live and functioning properly. As backlinks strengthen the ranking of a website on search engines, it is important to track all the website's links . This will help improve the website's visibility and accessibility.

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